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Hi Steve
                   I have had difficulty getting on, as I had to re do my computer.
   Looking at the thread generation using magnets, I was hoping that we would be talking about magnets, and not the influence that they may have in a gas.
  I have be called in to help some one, yes magnetic motors and alternators, so I will not go into why, but I have a chance of putting one together if I can show that ‘my one’ is ok.
I went into this when looking for alternative power, I have come to a stop on the plasma unit for the time being, and since this came up I have decided to get involved.
The tall order is as every one is trying to do build a unit that can be useful, there are a number that are supposed to be at a ‘commercial level’ that is I pay you some money and I get a fully working USEFUL gen set.   THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED YYET AS FAR AS I CAN SEE.     So if I after I have done a few tests I may have a chance to build one with SOME ONE ELSES MONEY.  I will have to be careful has this guy use to have a 45 magnum.
I will try and share what I can but I may not be able to give you the absolute details as a 45 magnum can be very persuasive.
So I will start another thread in my slot. Useful power to me is at least 6kW either at single phase 240V or three phase, the next two useful ones are 15, and 25kW.
The design that I have may be possible, now there are a number of issues that what I have found out may be why some of them have not sold like ‘hot cakes’, two of them here for example, one has a court injunction stopping him from going any further, the other Luteck I can not find out why his has not got very far, but since I have now been brought into the area, I will try and find out. Some one I know built one, he has a mechanical and electrical and an electrics degree, but it failed so I heard on the grape vine, not enough output or power, he gave up.
So I now have a new challenge.


Hi Aussepom

What kind of equipment is this?

Hi the equipment has not been made or started, but the the idea is not all new just a different slant, when I get my self organised I will explain why I think why some of these unit that may work are not getting any futher, no it is not the conspisy therory it is simplyer thann that.

Hi there
                well the cad design is well on its way I will be seeing the macheen  shop soon to check the the pans out to see if there is any problems.
it is complicated, it has three main rotor, two alternator and magnetic rotor stators two end unit that can be for alternator , braking.  120magnets 30 X 30 rod.

     size approximatly  550 mm dia by 350 long.   that is about all that I can tell you for the time being

   steve tried to call you on skpe the other day then I saw that it was around 5.00 am


I am willing to help out on interesting projects like this, I know shipping would be a lot from Canada to Australia, but I might be able to offer you free labor in the machine shop if you pay for materials and shipping. Can do just about anything to 0.0005" accuracy when required.


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