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you call me poor in a crappy economy?? i was tiling 4 pools a week making  over a grand a week before shit fell. as well as welding on the side and sealcoating parking lots.. you act like you are a expert lol..  i remember when you first got into this field of OU

--- Quote ---I sent you some free stainless steel wire to your poor *
--- End quote ---
this statement is a blown out lie.. you said you would send me 1/4 pd of wire but i sure didnt see it.. then as said in the past on the form the wire you had was no good because you didnt coat it right (must be a experts mistake)   dankie u did lead me to this site that i thank you for... but you never sent me any wire and for you to say that pisses me off.. and im sure all that did buy your wire arent to happy with you either since when they experimented with it.. the wire shorted out when wound bifilar because of shitty enamel job.. you shared circuits with me lol i have not focused on yet one of your wack circuit ideas... right now i have a circuit that has variable freq frequency and it has the control for a eec on it for the flop side of the pulsing.. very simple around 20 bucks..
dont need your magical circuit for experimenting... nor does it need to be a three phase oscillator in my oppinion.. thats the alternators job.. and the 6-1 doens require such either.. im sure that most that have been here on this site for some time vouch with my reasoning..  i have no problem people seeing me as replicatring other circuits as if im a newb as u try to express.. its funny you say that because your doing the same thing trying to replicate the ideas of others like steves circuit in your own way.. but your main motive is to make a buck. mine is to share what i learn not try to make money and claim its for all my time spent..

why wouldnt someone just buy a new signal generator for  a 100 bucks  and do everything that yours can do plus more

I told Jolt to send you the wire and offered him to pay for shipping , he said he shipped it to you so I dont know what happened with that .

See ebay for signal generators , the best I saw was a 159$ hewlett packard that could do , with many modifications , a version of my pulser and my mixer , then it would need to be amplified . Somethings it cant do wihtout it being a totally different circuit .

steve barrie not steve on this site... stop making us all laugh dankie my lungs are hurting.

How much does a professionally made high power 3 sine wave generator cost?
Place it on ebay, see what one would offer.


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