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My oscillator find automatically the resonant frequency and you can have very big bandwidth, the power it can handle can be is beyond 20 amps from 1hz up to 100khz  and thats not all,,, it is not finished perfect because i'm missing an oscilloscope so i wouldn't sell it yet as is very experimental, but i posted the diagrams for free on my project section, and also teach everyone about resonance, i provided calculation to resonant inductor and all parameters needed for the transformer, power, amps, voltage ............. I also provided a way to you make the electrolysis under resonance at the minimum theoreticaL  POSSIBLE voltage transforming volts in amps  ... water don't heat up,,....


What are the functions you have on your oscillator?

You didn't described it very well...

Today something happened here and i understood there still good people in this world, Hope you meet someone nice too...


I will let my video do the explaining .

The pcb and parts have been ordered  .

Be back in a few weeks .  This site is getting boring .

Those who have contacted me , I thx you , your support  makes this possible . Clearly you are eager to progress as I am . And progress we will .

The pcb will be available to all who inquired before this date.

Sebos , sorry for being mean to you , you are a hard worker and an hands-on guy , who has given much to the water fuel community , hope to progress with you .

To all you others .... ;D ;D ... Just laugh it off

i went back in my emails to become more clear with what happend to the wire you said you sent.. i like to bring clairty and dont like to create false impression... dankie you are right it wasnt your fault that i didnt get the wire... you sent the wire to electrojolt and sent him a personal message to send me wire.. he did confirm but then he ended up sending it to john bostik and claimed he forgot to send me some.. so its not your fault its more or less electrojolt not doing it then john bostik not knowing.. speaking of john its kinda funny how he has kinda vanished from the site after the creation of 6-1 .. 

this still doesnt change my view on your circuit and price.. you try to sell somthing that has only been tested on a bread board and hasnt gone through any real evaulation..  a signal gen can be easily modified to handle a higher output with the use of optos and amplifiers.. at still half the cost of what your asking..

 ;) Thanks for recognizing my effort, and sorry if i disturbed you too in anyhow. Hope we keep progressing together my friend...

For anything i can help i'm here around... 



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