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So before I start buying things I wanna assest how many people are gonna take a circuit from me once I make a video and test out everything , worked fine on my breadboard but theres always the possibility of mistakes , nothing happens untill its been approved . But once it is I wanna have a clientele , I will be much drained after that .

The prices will be about

200$ for a pcb , you build @ home and participate . Parts not-included . At least 125$ of parts here , 75% of this is due to the amplifiers and heatsinks so it cannot be escaped .

500$ for an assembled circuit . npn pnp /w heatsinks not included .

I choose to leave the components un-scratched , because

A.Its annoying to do
B.I want people to experiment with a motivated peaceful vibe , not with some other guys proprietary thing that you know nothing about .

I will not release the circuit , nobody will give out the circuit . Building instructions will be provided , instructions and that will be it  .

This technology is free to all , my circuit however is not free . Its not because of greed , its because theres been some investment , in hours , in work , in $ etc ...

To rob my work would be tedious and require much work and much time and $ , then I would probably diss you crazy and everybody will buy it from me anyways , cause I created it and made it before and I can be just nasty with this .

do you really believe someone will give you 200 for a signal generator? grow up man!

I spent more than 20k until now man, very few donated me something to help me man, and those didn't totalized 250... hehe
I also offered to build circuits like you and no one got interested and i just wanted about less than 200 already assembled ... think well man...

good luck however 


--- Quote from: sebosfato on February 02, 2010, 05:19:18 am ---do you really believe someone will give you 200 for a signal generator? grow up man!

Ypu  are right sebos , you have worked hard .

--- End quote ---

what is your signal generator about? what will it do if you expect someone to pay so much money?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dankie dankie dankie dankie,
i tell you what you may say this doenst involve greed but it dam sure involve your obsession with money..  you just make your self look like a fool to everyone with your ridiculous prices,,, i would way rather buy me a oscilliscope then spend 200-500 on somthing it took many many hours for a begginer to accomplish that tries to reclaim his losses by claiming such statements of time and expense.. dont you get it man this projects not about making cash its about learning and teaching and requires loss of cash to get anywhere (part of the territory)..  you need to find a new hobby like a door to door salesman it would fit your ideas better.. if you think for one second someone is actually considering to jump on your bandwagon your living a wetdream with Beyonce (never gonna happen)  you need to find your spiritual side and stop search for connection to the root of all evil..


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