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hi Alan

                    no I have hired a power unit for the moment, it is not the correct thing to use but it is the closes that I could get to try out before getting out of pocket on a very expensive piece of power equipment, I may still have to make a 'tailored one for the job'   

 I will not be giving away to much info at the moment I have to recover some costs, and some more to keep the whole thing going.
 I am just making some public awareness it has been a costly exercise,  the very crude test unit was to check before I power up the 'real' unit later today. 


--- Quote from: Aussepom on July 11, 2009, 14:51:56 pm ---Hi guys
 yes I have put the first tests out on utube it is a crude piece of test equipment but i was not going to risk the real one on the first tes, this just shows the principals of it working

 power, water, and air   

 have a good look more to follow        hi Keith this looks promising 

--- End quote ---

Hi Aussepom,
That looks nice, is it.
Well, done.
Question: i did also some tests. The conclusion was that an injector is working like an steaminjector. Water is vapourized, heated and expands.
What are your thoughts on that?

What is going on in that video? 

This is Atomic Hydrpgen...notice the emission spectrum...then notice how it is started. He uses a tungsten rod to arc across the gap...then the gas starts glowing. A short circuit arc is created (why Stan made the "amp inhibitor") there is then an abundance of electrons to support single atom hydrogen (Atomic, or nascent Hydrogen)

Thank you for sharing this video...!!!!

This is what Stan called "Thermal Explosive Energy"....It's incredibly hot and can be used in a heat exchanger. (ICEs are VERY inefficient heat exchangers)

Anyway, I like your progress Aussepom....glad you showed some evidence of Atomic Hydrogen's maybe people will listen ;)

if this is atomic hydrogen, aussepom must look like this ->>  8)
to protect the eyes against UV if that is released.

ok aussepom, i respect that, but are you willing to give away how much power was being pulled? Just to compare with the huge flame.


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