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oz injector goes public

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Hi guys
 yes I have put the first tests out on utube it is a crude piece of test equipment but i was not going to risk the real one on the first tes, this just shows the principals of it working

 power, water, and air   

 have a good look more to follow        hi Keith this looks promising 

cool dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!

rock on !!!!


looking at the color it could be atomic hydrogen? radiant_1?
are the electrodes consumed or blackened after the test?

Hi alan and all

             No  the tip will get a little discolored, but hey that was just a 'knock up' when I was putting the tungsten rod in the 'no flame' i thought it was out and was going to 'light it' up again then the rod started glowing.

     now there was only a few drops of water going though may be a big few, but no big flow, well I have to go to bed and then go to work, it looks like its going to be another cold night and wet.
will be trying again tomorrow it's the last day that I have the 'power unit'.

ok thanks
one last q for today, are you using primarily amps or voltage on the injector?


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