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Hi, just got the WFC working without any coils etc. Down to 1.5 V and any freq between 500 -50 000 Hz.'

The key is the mechanics. Yes that is right. Let the cylinders or plates vibrate inside the water, there you go, the whole secret. And we tried with the VIC and our current version does not work up to 30V primary side. 1:1 transformers work well. So the Amps is key, and the shorting of the transformer is a big issue.

Good to hear,

Now what kind of results are we talking about?

can you be more specific?

power used VS gas produced?

Vibration of the Resonant Cavity, nice to hear you are having success with this. Great News!

Amps is the key? hmm, that's not Stan's process, any luck with restricting amps to a minimum and raising volts?

Any chance that you can video record the vibrating tubes? I wonder how it sounds.

Found the key to magic by accident. We built the whole WFC thing ultra professionally from pulsers(no 555ers etc) to VICs(thanks John) to the cell mechanics with machined Delrin holders for the pipes and a large number of pro coils, still nothing worked out for us. We have suspected acoustics for a long time now.

So the other day we increased a pipe hole in the Delrin holder too much so the pipe got a bit of space to move. When we started pulsing we just got this strange tone and the whole setup was vibrating and when placing the hands around the water cylinder the vibration seemed to increase.

Spurred by this accident we decided to go "all in" for a "farmer´s solution" with just one pair of cylinders! Said and done we pushed 6 pcs of some vibrational dampening material like soft rubber between the cylinders(3 in the top and 3 in the bottom) and hanged the electric wires in a holder on top  of the water cylinder, voilĂ , now anything works and a kid can do this!!! Pipes have no insulation, nothing.... You can not hear the vibration but you can see the pipes are swinging inside the water a bit. No use for tuning(as far as we could see today, any frequency worked perfectly fine). Deionized water was used.

1.5 V up to any voltage works, no coils, it does not matter what you do, we throttled with the voltage and can get very big amounts of gas. And the minimum amps for production was like 0.1 Amps but that is preliminary. About why  this is working, well, vibration is everything. The vibration seems to transport the Amps from plus to minus in some magical way. A transverse wave becomes longitudinal and there is a standing wave between the cylinders shattering the water at the center point in the gap.

Believe me, we were shocked, I just did it and had no time for filming or extensive testing but in case you look at Youtube, notice all successful replicators have soft rubber spacers and just hang the cell loosely into the water. That is the key! About Stan, well, I just stick to my Piezo bolts theory more than ever tonight! This was the hole deal and the HV, Low amps I believe was about the Piezo crystlas and nothing else.

Good luck to everyone, just replicate me and tell about your results. ;D


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