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its not more energy then you put in..


"more energy then you put in"  thats not tru in a weird sense.. the reason you can separate them at such a high rate is the duality of nature it self.. while +1000 and -1000 may appear to have zero current they are really just trading off light and electrons in resonance (balance).. so it appears to be 0..the duality is it causes the atoms to want to go the other direction of the high voltage.. because opposite attract.

the search for the truth shall bring you one step closer to clarity and one step away from distortion. it will also take you one step closer to intuitive instincts and also take you one step away from ignorance at the same time hey its duality vice versa!!

see my point where this explains overunity??  thats how voltage performs work its really reflecting another output at the same time. and that reflection of voltage performing work is 180 from what its doing lol. its vice versa

heres another example of duality vice versa


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