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this is the best answer i can comprehend in the present time.. snow is white because it is reflecting all the energy that hits it.. why? because when water goes into a expanded state it starts to reflect. whether it be hot or cold. clouds or snow. but when its cold the oxygen forms alot of little air bubbles in the snow which makes a crystal defect.. they are like a bunch of mirrors in the snow  multiplying and reflecting.. so maybe  the silicon content in the stainless when put under the mechanical stress during manufacturing is  causing crystal defects and is like a layer of snow on the stainless.. those defects can be doped under electrical mechanical stress?  if ones doped with light when its running at high voltage  the resonant positive plate creates the variability of the vacuum constant rate of einstiens theory..  the vacuum state of light.. tesla allways said that lower frequencys are more powerfull when it comes to power generation.  its all about balance.. the word amp scares us in stans work because we think its the only form of current.. ITS not.. when producing electric you will allways have a current its a action which requires trade!!!! when electric is allways being thrown out of balance it makes the copper atoms nucleus flop back and forth.. it is creating alot of turbulance for the trade of light and electrons.. it is also causeing the solid matter part of the atom to create friction.. so wires get hot..  but when theres a balanced bidirectional flow of electrons and light you create divinity in there trades.. the nucleus of the copper lines up it poles in a capacitive the turbulant amps is what we know of as the only type..  best example.. two 500 gallon tanks next to each other.. with a  5 inch pipe connecting them with a valve for isolation... we will call them tank a and tank b..   tank a has 1000 psi while tank b has -500 psi..   when you open the valve its not just tank a flowing into b.. they are flowing into each other.. vice versa ya know.. BUT a vacuum state is a mirror state of the pressure state.. if tank a is 1000psi and its mirror tank b is -500 theres not balance for non turbulent environment.. now you have a turbulent  trade!!! which causes heat and amps..  imagine tank a and tank b flowing into each other..  vacuum flowing to pressure.   pressure flowing to vacuum.. BUT tank a has more pressure so while there trading evenly at a 1-1 ratio tank a is turbulently rolling more high pressure towards the low tank.. it creates a turbulent current towards b and there for the roll is giving it a higher quantity trade to tank b in a relative timely manner.. everything in this world is predictable with advanced technology... just not as a whole..  we can set certain controlled states like stan did which are completely predictable.. for what we need to achieve and move one step further in life.. lifes all about trading and differences with balance in life one should trade in a evenly manner with the fellow man  at the least.. that keeps a neutral environment of peace.. keeping turbulence non existence..  but as the bible says the more you do for others you shall be repaid by 2?? its because we are suppose  to be crystal defects and when we reflect  we should be like the snow and multibly in potential... but they keep us doped with toxins to where we dont react propper they fill us with negativity to where we want to absorb all the light we receive. it makes us greedy in nature.. everything i have wrote the past couple day explains it all.. life if you dont see what i see which is the ultimate gift then keep reading what i wrote.. it will bring you one step closer. 



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