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If an average person such as Stan Meyers can accomplish using water as a fuel because he sensed that mankind had reached a point of great need for such technology then it is possible.  If it seems you would need to be the smartest person in the world in the atomic, chemical, mechanical, electronic, and physics field and have unlimited resources for the best laboratories, and particle accelerators to replicate this technology than you would become discouraged.  There are forces that’s interests are served by discouraging this technology.  We must be very selective in who we chose to follow in this search to replicate Stan’s success.  He did not use the term K.I.S.S.  to discourage us it was to try and help mankind.

Mankind is close to cracking this puzzle so keep working on it.  If you argue with an agency posing as a member on these HHO sites you can never win the argument and the smokescreen they generate becomes larger.  If someone is trying to convince you that nobody will ever understand it, they are probably an agency. (be aware)

Indeed, I'll add some of my own comments on the subject if I may.

"There is too much education going on and not enough learning"

Remember that there is a difference! and most people are educated and not learned, Stan learned! He wasn't educated with Academic Indoctrination.

If you learn things, you understand things, if you are educated then you know things.

Educated people will think that they understand stuff, and they often try to tell others they are wrong or are doing the impossible, because they know what they know but they don't understand what they know.

Learned people might not know what they understand, but they damn well understand what they've learned, and they understand what they've built! and they can understand that it works without knowing why it works.

Educated people will never strive towards the good of anything. It's up to those that have learned, and have understood, to make the changes, and make the developments.

Creativity and Imagination are slaughtered with education.

"When someone tells you something can't be done, say why not, and then go on to seek out the answer" - Stan

I agree , we have to get this done once and for all , its been a long road just identifying "the plan" , seems like people on these big sites have more deaf ears and the octupus is trying to confuse the mind with its black ink  .


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