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VIC coil core type


Its hard for me to see right now what core was used ... As you can see , it is extremely difficult to clearly understand what Stan is saying . This kind of description of there for a reason , its meant to be extremely confusing ,

Its either a laminate steel I core or a laminate steel EI core , but wich one ? I said to some people it was an I core but I am not sure anymore ... I cant really understand Eclipsed explication .

I believe both 2curious and Eclipsed are wrong .

After reading more about pulse transformers and talking with don some more and talking to another qualified person .

I will confirm that a closed loop  EI core was indeed used , Stan never said what type of coil ever , ever . All he says is the core goes into and around the coil assembly ...

Im amazed at how confusing it is to just try and know how it was made ... I hate this fukin  Stan Meyers tech brief  and this bad info , hmmm strange ...

There is no point to such a long core for the VIC coil 6-1, thats because its the cross-sectionnal view of an EI core , its just that Stan chose this view so we couldnt really  differentiate , if he chose the face view it would be obvious .

You can see that coil 10-4 has what looks like an I core but it is indeed a close loop EI core .

The next question is why did 2curious make it with an I core and  why did Eclipsed78 say an I core would be better in his project section  ... ? Could they have missed this ? Can anybody be trusted ?

Obviously this means that everything about the coil being inside the injector itself is wrong ... I already did admited that , dont even bug me with that .


So it seems these cores are good up to 100 khz and are used for pulse transformers , cant find a good big core tho .


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