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Think twice before show your results.


Hello people.

I know that the idea of this forum is to share the experiences and discuss all of it.
Today, running on Max Miller facebook group I found a picture about the spherical resonant cavity demo unit.
This proves that there was a lot of documents and pictures that wasn't released to the public.

Now, Im wondering why should we share our work with this ones that hold this for themselves.
We could be giving what they didn't found yet and they hold this information from us...

Its nice to see someone else join the crowd :)
Youre not the only one feels shit on by people that are part of our groups.
The great thing about those not sharing anymore is you can finish strong on your own and take all the credit you want :)
Its also understandable not sharing or even being part of groups for reasons you said.

wow...Thanks for that picture. I never seen that one before.

Ill guess Max is hiding a lot more...

Im wondering if there is an "evaluation report" about Resonant cavities that is hidden from us ...
I would like to see some real data...

jim miller:
the basic diagram was posted here at ionizationx years ago.....

Don't feel bad, the internet and the number of alternative energy sites is so large that
it's impossible for anyone to view the thousands of images ,videos, patents
and pages of documents and records at the L3 storage unit and foreign arkives

Listen to Ted Loder and Steven Greer's video on the Puja network about the
task facing TOP in terms of cataloging and and taking inventory

When Dynodon took pictures their was a big cabinet and totes full of papers
Alas I think a lot has been lost, discarded or put in wooden boxes in some obscure
document warehouse somewhere....

I'm sure there's more out there.....And I think that eventually the technology
will be rediscovered and be put to use


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