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Video-HV electrolysis under a microscope

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Remember when Stan stated that voltage is a physical force in the circuit?  Here's an example under a microscope.

4kV applied to a 1/8" wide x 3/16" height x 1" length column water (both tap and distilled are tested). Electrodes are 3/16" square rod 304 Stainless steel. Power supply is an EMCO F40.

In this test you can clearly see that when using distilled water  there is a greater effect (physical force) on the gas bubbles. We know with distilled water the electric field strength is much higher since the lower conductivity (higher resistivity) prevents the current from bleeding off the charge. This test demonstrates that voltage provides a physical force in a circuit, and that current limiting allows the force to be dominant.

Measured resistivity of the water gap:
Distilled Water-11,800 Ohms
Tap Water-650 Ohms

In reality the voltage is much lower than the 4kV the PS outputs because of the low resistivity of both distilled and tap water.
With distilled water measured peak voltage was around 120V while tap water measured peak voltage was around 11V.

More to come...

I like your videos!

Thanks Steve, I'm going to try and keep making them.
Lots of ideas.

Some power supplies build voltage gradually.  When shorted by a load resistance, the voltage never gets too high.  What if a spark gap were placed in series with the cell, so that the voltage has to reach a high level before it's applied?

That might work but it would produce a pulsed input to the electrodes whereas I wanted straight DC.

The purpose of the video was just to show that as the voltage increases it produces a physical force within the water and that the higher the voltage goes the greater that force becomes.

My power supply is a perfect example that the VIC is an absolute requirement, since it supplied 4kV at a regulated current, when measured the voltage across the electrodes was only 120V. As we all know this is because of the conductivity of water pulling more current than the PS can provide so it pulls the voltage down.

I'll be making more videos in the future...My next goal is to demonstrate what happens to the ions and molecules in the water on an extremely small scale, using the microscope camera once again. It's going to take some time as getting everything correct will be difficult.

Hopefully in the next few years interest in Stan's work will pick up again.


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