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--- Quote from: tarakmytar on December 20, 2018, 07:13:47 am ---hi steve did not know if you were still a member  I am that aussepom  but could not get back on with that as all my info has gone, and when I lost my wife in 2010 not musch else mattered.  now  new computors, and sinse then moved a lot  but I have been trying to trace old members and some of the osts that I did  maybe you can help me get back my original tital  remeber the ozinjector  ell I did get it going and it is being resurected again now the plasma conversion unit, or nw the plasma generator  and I did get my motorgen going as well
  I hope that you may remember me and can help    Brian

--- End quote ---

Hi Brian!!!
Trully. You crossed my brain cells last week.....
The creator of that amazing green blue flame thrower.
I am so sorry to hear about your wife.
That must have been and probably still is, a big loss.
Good of you to come back here and find some purpose.
Please explain what you have achieved in more details with the ozinjector.
I am curious.


Brian, i have send an email to yr gmail account...


thank you stevee nice to be back with my old name  there is a lot to catch up on so may have to check the threads out first then may start a new one yes the 'green' flame from water is hopefully about to go to a much higher level




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