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Greg is a fraud

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I went through Stan Meyers estate and the BUGGY ~
Craig Westbrook
Much truth and many lies with Stan the Man ~
Call anytime
I went 100 time further than STAN ever did ~


--- Quote ---"Meyers wasn't that great or even good ~ Show the output ~ I did ,Meyers DID NOT"
--- End quote ---

 I happen to know how Stan performed his magic. So, If you actually did know something you would not have made that statement.

ohhhhh.Nice conversation.
Not sure Greg, why you choose the name watergod for.
I liked some of your videos once.
Till the moment you start to mislead some people openly with gas output measurements. That was a first degree fraud. And you knew it.
That was not really nice, is it?
And all of that to get some development money.

I would re name myself again from watergod to waterfraud...


Hello everybody and welcome Craig.

Why everyone is pointing to him?
He shows what he got and  you cricticize him for that?
Meyer was in part a fraud, look into alternator setup you can see in this video that Jim published.
He is cheating the investors about the power input to the cell.
Look  into the International Independent Test Evaluation Report about the power used.

There are some false claims about Meyer replications that nobody want to question, TGS (Ed. Mitchell), Ronnie Walker (GPSSONAR) that claims a lot but nobody saw anything working, maybe the resonant tube cell was a failure like the solar heating system he patented,

The truth clearly hurts.


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