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Can some one tell us how to calculate the relaxation time of "water" in a 1T magnetic field?

I didn't ask WHY it's needed....but I do appreciate your interpretation and answer to the question.I must apologize for not making it as clear as possible.
If it's the " silly questions" topic heading that has offended you this time....well, suck it up buttercup,not everything is about you.
If it's "why" you would like to know,I'd be happy to "explain " that to you.... I would however like to know your INTERPRETATION of why it's needed (so ill know what level of explaination will be required)now that you mentioned it.I see you posted a picture of wat appears to be an interpretation of Stans gas processer suggesting the relaxation time of "water " is part of it. (G.P.)
 I'm not sure I can ask  my question any simpler but I will try.....
Can ANYBODY reply with an EQUATION or explanation on HOW to calculate the relaxation time of "water ".....
I also see a lot of - know how - claims (as usual)that may not seem all that obvious to some viewers ;)
What "bothers me" with the latest -know how- claim is the mentioned 1T magnetic field claim without a more reasonable example...along with the " find out for yourselves "  statement with regards to the latest -know how- claim.

You'll have to forgive me for  not engaging with the non topic portion( irrelevant,to far behind) of your response to my question.

You mention a relaxation time of a picture of part of an interpretation of a gas processor. mention or relation to a pickup coil and you throw Seb under the bus....yep...I'd say just glad I know how I look when my picture is took.
Now you can tell me and the rest of "us" how stupid and deaf we are....and how it's the world that's screwed up,not you.


yknow you could google


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yknow you could google

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I'm pretty sure Woodside and anybody else that has built Stans scanning circuit could give you better information and a more precise time....I'd bout bet the equation I was asking about could be found in Stans T.B.....but that's just my opinion...Mayb Ed will point that out in a private message being it goes beyond Stans patents lol.
I may attempt to try and help you understand any how....

SIMPLEST Quantum Example - electron spin - SUSSKI…:

You should be working with Stans scanning circuit, (.25uT  to .2mT ) remember
4250 ×magnetic field .(10.625 to 10,625 )
you should measure the strength of the magnetic field....with a resonate frequency of 5,000 cps it seems reasonable to aim for a predictive Gaussian value which in that example would be 1.1gauss.
With a requirement of 1.1 gauss there will have to be  additional ions to lower the time rate because we know it takes a 1,826 gauss field with a glass full of ordinary guess you won't get a signal without adding an electrolyte or waiting long enough for the cell to create the right amount.
Puharich gives a current to voltage ratio,  in my opinion would need to be a starting point with this as well.


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