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A totall of 3 cents  :)

Almost enough for yr hv probe  :D


--- Quote from: Steve on October 05, 2015, 15:19:38 pm ---A totall of 3 cents  :)

Almost enough for yr hv probe  :D

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oh man we will get there...

i bought some tyristors few months ago to try this idea but didn't used yet because probably it would burn up without the correct protection too... so i thought whats the point..

it only block the peak that the transistor would receive,,, the idea of the sythyristor is that this voltage is blocked into its structure.. without current flow or minor theoretically..

theoretically for the field to collapse fast cols needs  a high resistance than the charge path...

thats why i have no diode shorting my primary...


George Wiseman is hardly mentioned with monatomic hydrogen but hes the guy who brought out the browns gas book . Quite likely what got Les Banki started , no evidence of that just going by the time line 1995.

monatomic was the main focus

the thing with a FBT is that the 2 circuits are isolated from each other , that CANT be achieved by a standard tranformer. once Pri is off , the sec is the V source . when Pri is on , the sec is off and the battery on Pri is the V source

the SITh is reverse of a standard thyriator . when circuit is on, the SITh is already at full current , it needs to be switched off , being thyristor it is capable of fast switching

ferrites come with data sheets , they have saturation info etc .
Les Banki chose 240 khz , the data sheet shows the ETD is good for 200khz , its .5mm gapped . this avoids saturation

heres a home made tester

the japanese article has no circuit given , there is no mention how to hook up the SITh 


Had another read on O.U.R , a few cries for Les to show evidence of a motor running on gas .
back in 1998 there was a VHS video of Les series cell rumbling away , he had it hooked up to a generator which by memory ran by a needle and valve .  I cant remember all the details all that mattered to me was that the video was showing a motor running on gas.
why Les hasnt mentioned that video I dont know , maybe film was owned by Barry Hilton or Ian hacon

sorry massive i think you dont understood well the sithyristor block the voltage but it can only do that if you first stop the current it wont triger alone...


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