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Ok you have been asking about this

The static induction thyristor (SIT, SITh) is a thyristor with a buried gate structure in which the gate electrodes are placed in n-base region. Since they are normally on-state, gate electrodes must be negatively biased to hold off-state. it has low noise, low distortion, high audio frequency power capability. The turn-on and turn-off times are very short, typically 0.25 microseconds.

 Why it was brought out and by the japs was for some goo HIFI amps fast switching push pull stuff
So when you want hi frequency pulses fast switching that is why they want to use them I suspect.

Here is some stuff on them
I will try to post then have not done it here for some time
if you look at the push pull amp and the bridge amp    so the inductor is the speaker and the cap in one of then s the cell I will have to wait until I have posted it to see better and explain  you can get these


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