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tuning into the propertys of water.

What do you think that  means?


I think we need to match the frequency for the cavity, maybe... Like adjusting the inductor aways in resonance up to the point it resonate with the water too...I mean the shorted inductor adjusting the short you will change the resonant frequency of the inductor...

I'm finishing here the primary it have +- 5mh with this toroidal core yellow made of iron powder 200 turns. in few minutes will start rolling the secondary...

The amp inhibiting coil aka variable shorted segment coil i will do in a separate core. 

I will add the diode directly after the secondary 600 turns with a small coil in series just few turns on the same transformer, than in series i will connect to the other resonant charging choke.

The resonant charging choke and the amp inhibiting coil i will make on separated air cores being variable by introducing the iron rod or ferrite in it and being a mean to control the couple of both by introducing a core that cross both... Obviously than i will make the variable coil with a moving wiper.

I think that If what i'm saying is correct we will also need a circuit that controls a motorized moving wiper to always keep in resonance with the cell. My friend told me about that last year and now i see why and how to implement it.

I think that is a too big value... however i'm not quite sure.. If you are getting the voltage amplified strangely you might have the resonance but now you should try to divide this resonance maybe between the coil and the water. I'm very exited with this. Also In few days i will start working very seriously on this. One my collaborator is coming to help me out and will bring some of my stuff to me.

Maybe the thing was just like stan said but the thing was that we needed to understand exactly what is happening to be able to fine tune the thing.


Do you know those perpetual holders? The have a coil shorted so when you Pulse the coil than as the coil is shorted than the field colapse generating another pulse of same polarity just like stan said..

Think of this when you pulse the transformer the current will flow into the coil ever increasing the voltage as the flux is varying right?
Than when you finish the pulse as The residue magnetic field of the transformer will collapse on the short circuit vary thus the flux again and thus doubling the frequency and therefore generating another pulse.

I'm starting to really believe that this short circuited segment of coil is the main secret of the vic.

If this is right my theory about the electron extraction must be focused to work on this parameters I guess. Wow at this point i don't know...


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