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Water vapour injectors. How is might work.

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New knowledge:

It seems that Stan used POSITIVE ions in his waterinjector setup in comby with the water vapours.

Lets make some theory on this:
Engine = negative charged
Watervapour = negative charged (?)
With negative ambient air ions, nothing will happen.
So, add positive ions and you will get a reaction of negative electrons from the watervapour willing to go to the positive ions from the nitrogen/oxygen from the ambient air. Resulting in splitting the watermolecule....

(all theory, of course. Nothing proved sofar)



"Any form of combustion generates positive ions. All gas molecules and smoke particles resulting from combustion are positively charged. This is why people become sleepy, dull-witted or irritable in an inadequately ventilated room with an open fire -- or hazy with tobacco smoke. It is not generally realized that humanlife processes involve the combustion (oxidation) of fuel (nutrients), and that people take in negative charges and give off positive ones. This is why, in crowded rooms without adequate ventilation, people often have headaches(ref 1,2), become sleepy, dull-witted or irritable(ref 1,3) in the 'heavy' air -- typical examples of the SIS problem."

Another one
Measurement of Ion Formation during Combustion

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Maybe thats why Stan added exhaust gasses into his system...
He needed the positive ions to pull the watervapour into pieces..
So, a positive ions generator with HV and a positive ion generator engine make lots of positive ions together.
Add a positive charge of the sparkplug......

Now add watervapour which is normally negative charged and there you go  :D


hey Steve, 

   You would have lots of water vapor in the exhaust as well as positive ions. All would be worth recycling back into gas process. Positve ionization would come from Ultraviolet leds (Stans lazer light). I googled "hertz effect" and read about the electrons omitted from matter. Similiar to what Stan talked about. 
   I am about were you are in the process and enjoying your posts,  Thanks 

Good Stuff

Stan used red LEDs in the hydrogen gas gun and in the air gas processor, but he did use fiber optic lights with what appear to be possibly uv lenses  for the small stackable resonant cavities.

Hello you all i'm coming up right now with info that anyone though before!
I solved the injector!

What happens when a conductor moves cutting a magnetic field?
A voltage is developed! in a direction 90° from the magnetic field lines and 90° from the movement!
What happen when we have water under a very high pressure and make it to pass thru a 0,40 mm diameter hole?
It will pass thru it at a very high speed!
water is not conductive thus ( the ionized gases were needed in the injector to create the conduction )
Lets say you have a 0,40 mm hole 6cm long (it will have a volume = to 7,5 ul ( the amount stan said was injecting for each injection cycle in each cylinder) accordingly to the volume of a cylinder calculation =((diameter/2)^2)*High)
Now you need to inject it in only 2ms what will be the speed of the water?
answer (6cm/0,002)*(7,5-7,4) ((volume of the tube - the amount of water to be injected) (this result is = to how many times the tube will fill per injection) well the result is almost 3000cm/sec
Now if you cut a magnetic flux of 15.000 gauss with water at this speed you will develop 1,7volts witch together with the ionized gas and a catalyzer element and resonance will actually crack the water!!!

Enjoy Freedom!

Now you just need to develop a certain pressure inside the tank, (only about 4 liters of water will be consumed in one hour thus even very high pressure will cost very low energy) and solenoids to do all the work...
What about this? 8)
after 2010 years we can again walk on water...haha
Best Regards to you all
Donations are welcome! you find link on my you tube channel

Did you know that 7,4 ul of water = 13ml of gas  h2+02 witch represents 3,33% of the 400cc cylinders meyer were using.

Yes he used positively ionized ambient gas...

He created the injectors to simplify and lower the costs


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