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One of our members is getting some very satisfactory results with his Meyer's cell on three different test vehicles.

He's showing a 57% improvement on a semitruck;

A 210% increase in a 1.6 liter Toyota car which figures out to 110 mpg;

A 115% increase in a 3.8 liter Grand Am Pontiac car with the same sized cell used in the Toyota.

I don't have any real particulars on the cell other than the car cells were 8-tube setups 24" in length with no chokes being used.  Two 25 amp diodes were used but no chokes.  Also, a Lawton circuit was being used.  I have no information on the size of cell being used in the semi, but I imagine it is a much bigger cell.

He does say that the cell is easy to replicate and that any mechanical person should be able to do so.  I will post more intel as it becomes available.

The gap is 1.5 mm and each of the outer tubes is slotted/vented.

That's pretty impressive for a simple setup!

Can't wait to hear more.

For whatever reason, it looks like the guy I was telling you about is gone.  He hasn't responded to my last five e-mails.  I hope he'll get back with me but at this point, I think he is gone for good. 

I just heard back from the guy and he's still doing his tests.  He didn't share any updated material with me yet.  He still thinks he has something good.

so how's this guy that you mention can we see his work on YouTube?


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