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Hi all,

The road to succes a difficult one.
How many days are passed with NO succes.. ;) ;) ;)
Today i found something new to me and of course i was a very happy man, because i do not find new things everyday.. :D
Its about the construction of my newest testtubecell.

I was playing with insulation of my tube.
What you see, is an insulated outertube and an innertube who is also insulated.
So, there is NO water inside my innertube (outside of innertube is in contact)  and my outside of outertube is also not in contact with the water.

Now the important things:
My innertube is 0.4inch  less high then my outertube.
See my drawing.

What happens is that when the whole tube is under water, like we all do, the tube pulls  16v by 1.82amp
With the tube a little bit above the waterlevel, the tube pulls 16v by 2.78amps!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

So, whats the gain?
I ll tell you:
1. more amps = more gas
2. no milkey water= more gas   No more gas recycling from tube into water and back into tubes!

So, use a little less tall innertube inside you outertube and keep the waterlevel just between the top of the outertube and just above the innertube.

Hope this little news helps!


thats acttually odd cause when i insulated my tubes the same way that you described but with 1/4 thick delrin on the outter tube and solid delrin rod in my inner tube   my  voltage also went up 3 volts 

remember what we was talking about a while back,,, instead of taking an inch of at a time.

Get an amp meter to your cell, start it up. Siffle water out into a container until you find the amp spot where your most comfortable with, that is where you should cut the tubes.

Very good finding stevie! very clever way of determining your length...

Great job Steve.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

i have that problem the other way ;)

I got a 0-40V 0-5A power source, but my tubes draw way too much amps. I can't even reach 12 V, because current would be over 5A. Tubes are isolated with >9M ohms.
I got 10,xx Volt and i can't go up further because the amp draw would be so huge. On the other side there is no heat or warmth in and around the tubes. I'm using water from our well, but i'll test with distilled water if i can find some.

I can get around 8Volts at 1Amp, then there's 2.8Volts between the tubes, 304L tubes by the way, hmm...

i played around a little with the duty cycle of my pulse generator (built after davel.) well helps a little but i cannot reach 12V, very strange.


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