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Hello everybody.

This may be my last post on this forum and others.
I can´t leave without say what I think about some people here, the good and the bad and since I was banned from Russie's forum "open-source-hipocrisy" I will leave here some words.
All of this years in this type of forum I found some very nice people, and I want to left a big HUG to them:

STEVE, this fair and nice man, also the owner of this forum
HMS (Brad) nice too.
SEBOSFATO o brasileiro bacana.

and now the ones who made me to decide to leave:

RUSSie, the HIPOCRITE! Thank you for never opened my bench on your stupid forum, and good luck copying the others work, but be carefull with your ego, it will kill you fast! (oh look what I made, me me me, I , I, I... Oh I look nice in my usefull and annoying videos, but I NEED ATTENTION PEOPLE! OH!!)

Ronnie TALKER the guy who made a invisible VIC that only works in the dark.... LIAR! and people dont get that bullshit! damn ! it is like some religion mafia (IURD on brazil).

Max Miller the man with a big EGO but a nice man,


Haxar (russies forum) the M.F. that banned me just to lick Ronnie´s shoes dreaming about to get a bone from him...


See you s.uckerzz

I will post here what I posted on the RWG forum that X-Blade is referring to. I made my first post there in almost a year and it went over X-Blades head like a jet. I can't help if he doesen't understand what I was saying, and I guess that gives him a right to go off on me and call me a liar. So let's see if people here can understand my post that I made over there, Here it is.

"Haven't posted in a while, I seen here where people are still struggling with the 78.54 ohms. The 78.54 ohms is the ohm value that is the Z Series resistance that is left over when you have a L value and and a C value in series at a resonate frequency.
Example: If we have an inductor value of 1262.7 mH and a Capacitance value of 489 pF the resonate Frequency will be 6.40 kHz with a Z series resistance of 78.54 ohms
Hope this helps with another piece of the puzzle to clear up the 78.54 ohms."

I had already gave the math to go with this statement in another thread over there. I've gotten where I don't care what people think about me. It's not my problem that people can't understand this or not. I don't know if it is the lack of electronic experience or just people wanting step by step instructions. I can't help people on the internet mainly because everyone has every kind of contraption they are trying to get working. People needs to build exactly what Stan has in order to have a chance at having success. No one can down size it or up scale it without first knowing the function or the math to build a working cell. I'm sure X-Blade and a few others that I have dealt with are good people. But acting out of frustration because there own lack of knowledge is no fault of mine. This Stan Meyer crap has turned a lot of good people against each other. I just want everyone to know, I've tried my best to help everyone the best way I knew how, and will continue to do so if I can. But I can't help those that want to build something they don't understand, it is useless.

R. TALKER do you thing that all science behind Meyer lays on impedance matching?? oh boy... This system is a lot more complex than all of us think...
People thing that it is only a LC and magic things happen at resonant frequency...
Some idiots really believe that you have a working device...
I challenged you to post numbers about efficiency (MMW) and YOU SHOWED NOTHING! Only pseudo-science like everyone on your topics.
There are some people I forgot to mention: NAV the allucinated with his crazy theories...
What a shame for all of you .

Your right X-Blade it's more complex, But Impedance matching is a big part of it. If you don't think so just keep doing the things you know how to do and see how far it gets you that's all i got to say about the matter. I don't put anyone down, because I don't truly know what people has. As far as I know you may have a working cell and not telling anyone about it. So if I believed that you do, I therefore could call you a Liar too. Hey Maybe you are a Liar, Show you don't have a working cell.

Bla bla bla...

I just don't care, I will not going to play your game.
People will see with time that all you said in Russies forum is contradictions, theories how it MAY work, not how it works.
Even Don Gabel was unable to see the Meyer resonant cavity working, maybe it never worked.
Dont worrie about that, you are not alone, there are more pseudo-replicators like UncleFester Ed. Mitchel, Max Miller... and others.


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