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The laser should be extracted from a DVD BURNER not a dvd reader, Cdrw's or cd players, xbox etc,,, will not work. they produce a beam the eye can't see.

a lazer pointer is about 5MW
a Cdrw etc is 1 to 5 MW
a DVD BURNER is 100 to 240 MW max

Looking at the DVD Burner you will probably think the lens on top that reads the dvd disk is a laser, it is not! the laser is hidden underneath that, lasers are damaged by static very easy! and i mean very easy.

when you take your DVD burner apart, scrap the glue off being carufull. Never overheat the laser with a soldering iron, and never hook it to over 5 volts. normal voltages used direct current is 3 volts.

the pins of the lasers will be the same, you have a top leg +, a left middle leg nothing, and a bottom leg -.

the break reverse voltage is normally 2 volts.

i ordered the laser housing for 7 dollars including shipping. i clicked on 650nm 5mw 12X30mm case $4.50 USD ($2.50 shipping will be added) to get it.

The laser should use a 50/50 duty cycle pulsed to get its max output, i am unsure if we use 3 volt pulses or 5. i think you would use 5 volts when pulsed, thats the lasers voltage rating.

the pulse frequency is around 6 Mhz square wave.

never point any laser at your eyes, not even a cdrw laser, it will blind you and you will not know its doing it.

also, never ever leave your high powered lasers around kids or point them at anyone, or into the sky, don't be pointing it into someones window, it could reflect and burn your neighbors eye's and will blind them for life.

I think we should measure first, before taking the DvD player apart.....


measure what? you put the laser in the lens i provided a link for the lens. some dvd burners have small lasers, thats rare but still usable, if it is over 16x it will work no matter the size.

most lasers in dvd burners are round and have 3 legs, very rarely you run across a small one.


Supplies  for High Powered DIY laser.

Sorry guys, I did try this out with a broken DVD burner and I barely got any light from the diode and I almost burn my fingers because it got REALLY hot.

my conclusion is it doesn´t work.

Let´s focus our attention on WFC


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