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check what i said

0,000007.4 liters * 6000 injections in 1 minute * 60minutes    =2,6 liters per hour maintaining   3000 rpm he clearly stated this

about the energy content he say that in one gallon of water you have 1,66 lb of hydrogen and in one gallon of gasoline you have 0,66 if you divide 1,66/0,66= 2,666 considering the contaminants he said 10 % nitrogen present on water should give you the famous 2,5 times more powerful

this is a comparison by weight

your right i made a mistake... i will go over it tomorrow and fix it my brains tired.. have a nasty lil sinus cold and been reading to much today..   thanks for posting the by weight comparison..


we could also state 2,6 liters of water *1847 gas expansion = 4800 liters of gas in one hour

 at 3000rpm about 80 liters of gas per minute or 1,3 liters of gas per second

injections per second 3000/2*4/60 = 100 counting all injectors 

so for every injection of gas in the case you would need 1,3 liter / 100 = 0,013 liters of oxygen hydrogen per injection

i estimated that each injector would works thus 25 times for second so if we have 4 cycles the time you would have to inject this gas inside the engine would be like 1/100 of a second or 0,01 second or 10 milliseconds remember at 3000 rpm if you double rpm the time to inject will be halved. 


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