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Start here your topics on the water injector with ambient airgasprocessor system.


thought i would share a interesting perspective i found today.. the attached pic is a snapshot right from stans pdf... page 154...

stan states that a 50 hp 1600cc needs 7.4 micro liters to maintain a speed of 65 mph

then he states a 325 hp diesel would require 48.1 to maintain the same average of 65mph...

what i find interesting is that the water amount needed is proportional to hp between the 2 engines (diesel and gasoline)

325 requires 48.1
50 requires 7.4

325/50= 6.5 .... so the diesel is 6.5 times more hp then then buggys gas engine...
7.4 ml x 6.5 times more hp = 48.1

 so lets pretend a motor runs 2000 rpm at 65 mph...  and its a 6 cylinder..  each cylinder receives  1 injection cycle per 2 cycles (revolutions)  one of them is used to push out combusted gases and the other is compressing the gas right berfore ignition...

at 2000rpm requires a simple equation
divide rpm by 2 since only one of the revolutions is used for injection..  and thats your frequency of injection... 

2000 / 2= 1000 ......

 6 cyclinders x 7.4ml = 44.4ml
7.4 every 2 revolution means 2000rpm / 2  = 1000 injection cycles
1000 injection cycles x 6 injection (each cylinder) = 6000 x 7.4ml per cycle = 44,400ml aka .0444 liters @ 2000rpm

.0444 liters per minute x 60 min= 2.664 liters a hour

Find out how much gasoline is used per injection cycle in a normal engine, and compare the "energy content" ... it should be the same.

scuse me outlawstc but i think you calculation is a bit wrong

he said that the dune buggy consumed 44ml per minute so would consume about 2,6 liters of water per hour. 65mh 3000 rpm

However rpm doesn't matter as he stated the consumption for minute... thats where you was wrong in your calculations


he said 0,000007 liters per injection or 7 ul

seb.. have u read the clip at the bottom of my post... it is right out of stans wfc memo on page 154


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