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I was wondering if some one was bored enough they might start a thread called "start here" or something on the alternator, and describe why I would want to use one and what to do with it when I get it , wiring etc. what circuit do I need to build? How would I apply it to the automobile etc. I realize every thing is here if I wanted to spend a couple of months researching every thing, and I will, But somethig like this would be very helpful for every one that comes through and is over whelmed like I am. Or perhaps someone would just post a thread link to a starting point, reading material etc. I do have an electronics background but this is my third night of spending several hours reading and still dont know where to start, I already have the cell built , but I'm dissappointed with the out put. I'm going to buy an alternator this week.
I know This would take someone 30 minutes to write, but it would be well appreciated by
I am sure more folks than me. thanks .

Here is what I was looking for, this is the beginner information left out of the alternator topic.



I use a stock 69 chevy alternator, w/o regulator. But it does have a diode bridge.


I did manage to get the regulator out, the hard part was unsoldering the windings. I had to use a grinder and a propane torch. I did do it without melting anything. Here is a link to a simplified block diagram of the alternator with an internal regulator for all first timers.




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