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Ohms law and the alternator

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Ohms law and the alternator

where is your resistance coming from, what causes it, where is your conductance coming from? where is your resistance Not coming from. Can you Control your next cell?
don't rely on yourself to figure this one out, look around for help. 

your resistance is not coming from the water, your conductance is.

A conductor is something you don't want to use while working around high voltage, use rubber to be safe.


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As I have mentioned before, I’m not an electrician so I am a bit slow in this area.


Googled conductance and it is linearly proportional to the combined effects of resistance, voltage and current….

I have already seen from my alternator trying to supply current to a low resistance cell low amps, the cell produced gas in isolated areas, not uniformly across all surface area. To help reduce resistance to the cell and encourage more gas production I then added extra jump leads to cell, this reduced the resistance and the amount of amps from the alternator..less gas !

Is resistance not created from everything that the current tries to travel through ?
where is it NOT coming from ????
can i control the cell....i what way?


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The discussion about OHMS is a good one.


post a photo or link to your cell, whats your gap? whats your height? od etc,,, plates tubes? we will go from there..


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