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Tay Hee Han HV for ionization of water molecules patent


Please have a look and tell me what you think...

Based on what i know and learned, the used material should be glass as high resistance dielectric...

the material is a kind of barium titanate or some other high dielectric ceramics
i almost build it... i even managed to made the barium titanate powder but didnt finished the prototype because i came across the following

the electric field is not only determined by the set up of charges but also on the current and resistance of the medium

is true that if we apply 50 kv most of it will be on water if the dielectric is much higher.. however when the water (resistive medium) terminate the flow of the electrons the electric field will be almost zero...

so i felt it was not worth

but instead recently i started to have more interest in this but have no time or money to finish that...

i also tried the fracture cell with no success or at the time not so much effort or knowledge

i think we should try

my idea about the tayhe is that it first charges the capacitor than discharge to keep it aways having a changing electric field..

last but not least there is also that other patent that uses a kind of graphite layer over the capacitor and has some structure to let the ions discharge to prevent the screening of the charge...

to make this kind of ceramics is not a simple task is not possible to do at home if you dont have a extreme very high temperature oven .. and yet the ceramic to get out with some good characteristics it kind need to be made in bigger size than machine i imagine.... the pieces i tried to do all was to britle and broke up but i could reach something arond 3000 er

to be able to measure it i needed to use graphite on the dielectric to make its surface electrical compatible...


You should start a projects page and post pictures and stuff .


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