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The real test and development description of Stan Meyers voltage based system

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Dear all,

Please re read this patent. Take your time.
I think he clearly explains how to go and on how to use resistors and pulses to restrict amps and to raise voltage.
His secondairy does a 200 volts, according to his writing....


"The next circuit comprises an electron inhibitor that prevents the flow of electrons; the circuit being in the terminal line between the negative plate exciter and ground. In those applications of the generator wherein excessively high voltage is to be applied to the plate exciters for a very high yield of gasses, a second electron inhibitor of a unique structure is serially connected with the first electron inhibiter. The second named inhibiter having a relatively fixed value and the first inhibiter connected in series is variable to fine tune the circuits to eliminate current flow.""

That sounds familiair.........2 chokes? Maybe not needed?

Hello Steve and all.

The problem using resistors is the power loss because it dissipates in form of heat.

Thats not a problem in the first stages, i think.
First is to prove that it works  :)

i was thinking about it... resistors although it dissipate power it also develop a potential that is proportional to the resistance x current..


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