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high voltage hho succes by Tinman



It looks like fake.

If he has the primary in series with the tubes it behaves like an inductor, and short the secondary, what is left is the short-circuit indutance of the primary, also known as leakage inductance, that is so much lower and let pass more current.

well, i follow the tinman a bit and for me he seems not the person to make fake videos...
For the rest is his setup easy to replicate....
Lets try it?

Without measurements it is a waste of time.

do it yourself, put a pwm or a freq generator hooked to a battery and put a transformer primary in series with the wfc, then short the secondary....
It is a little bit obvious what is happening here...

i am happy with yr opinion X blade.
Tinman discripes it as short induction pulse created by the sec cap and spark on the prim coil or choke so to speak....
What if we connect the cell on the secondairy of the vic and use the the chokes to create a spark as well?


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