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Puharich and Meyer: A comparison

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Everyone who has studied Meyer also knows of Andrija Puharich.

Their circuits are nearly identical. But the explanations are not.

(See attached P1)
Puharich shows a circuit which is identical to Meyer's except there is no diode. In Puharich's patent as well as his video lecture he explains the system as AC electrolysis.

(See Attached SM1)
Meyer's circuit shows a pulsed DC input and a diode.
All of Meyer's documents show that the capacitor is charged to a high voltage at resonance.
Meyer's documents seem to explain DC resonant charging, but in DC resonant charging the voltage across the capacitor only reaches 2x the supply voltage.

Study square waves and you'll quickly find out they are full of harmonics.

What is also interesting is that both the Water Capacitor and the diode are non linear loads. Study of non linear loads reveals that they generate harmonics which can extend to very high frequencies.

Also, when you input a square wave into the equivalent circuit of an inductor (Parallel tank) you will get an Amplitude modulated AC waveform. (See OS1 Attached)

Puharich also shows an AM AC wave appearing across the water cell ( See P2 attached)

It is hard to ignore the similarities between the two inventors circuits. One major difference in Puharich claims efficiencies between 80-100% while Meyer claimes over 100%.

Everyone who has replicated Meyer has got an AC or an AM AC signal across the cell but produced no gas.
So what do you guys think.....Is the signal across the cell supposed to be AC?  What function might harmonics perform in this circuit?

How much further did you go with this?

100% efficiency electrolysis is a huge step he got something but maybe didnt went up to where meyer or horvath did..

This topic is a bit old, but for everyone that never give up thats my opinion:

There are some things in common on both systems, and the most important (IMO) is the PARTICLE IMPACT called by Meyer as RESONANT ACTION

Why would the resonant action be the most important one btw? What am I missing?


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