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Winding a torroidal core


Pneu engine wants me to wind a few torroids fer 'im, and gave a suggestion that sounds plausible.

I always feared the task, fer the last time I had to wrap only 17 turns thru an auto-transformer, I had 25' of wire stretched across the shop floor, pullin' it all thru one wrap at a time... yuck.

Anyhow, PE told me to spool the required length onto a dowel that would fit thru the center hole, allowing for the finished built-up thickness.

Wow... could it be that simple?  Trying it now with a small core and will post pics and results some time next week

Turtle, still building


all the best with winding...lol
you can also choose a bigger torroid with a bigger hole.
PE gave a nice advice too.
The winding jobs are always the most nasty to do.


Yes I did about 600 winds on a 2" toroid last week and it took about 4 hours :(

i'll just tell ya, if you're going to make that transformer in the meyer patent it dont work, you will get bubbles but that all you'll get.

i used a broke pencil and wrapped my wire around that, i then passed that threw the core, worked fine, about 3 mins, oh, i also sit the small core onto a large magnet to help hold it. the primary i used 100 wrapps, if you choose to use 200 wrapps on the primary atleast center tap it on 100 wrapps.

Magnet- WOW, and I was makin' acrylic jaws to do the same- thanks, man!

Turtle, saving time


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