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--- Quote from: waterfalcon on July 24, 2008, 23:30:18 pm ---Hi all

I am planning to get a variac for my experiments. I want to take the output of one of my stator windings and connect it to the variac, then take the output rectify it and hook it upto the rotor.

Most variacs are rated for 110 volts 60hz.. But my input from the stator side to my variac will approximately 300 hz 40 volts peak to peak max.

Will a standard off the shelf variac work? Has any one tried regulating the output of the alternator using a variac. That is the alternators output is the variac input.

I dont want to waste my money if someone has already tried this and found that variacs wont accept alternator voltage?

what about 400 hz alternators?

It says "May be Operated at 60 Hz for Input BELOW 55 Volts"

My input is going to be below 55 volts but it will be 350 to 400 hz?  Has any one used / experimented with 400hz  variacs?  My financial resources are limited and i want to make sure I get the right variac. Any help would be appreciated.
thanks yall

--- End quote ---

Ok you dont want to wast any money,,, For one, you dont even have to hook AC to the stator coil, DC will work better.. This is because of the way the rotor turns, the way its made, it oscillates as it spins.
I have hooked 12 volts to the field coil and spun it at 3k or so rpms to try what your talking about, it does not work, i have not tried a variac that i can remember, i would think it would be again, nothing.

i think your wasting your time, but you can confirm, maybe i didn't put alot of effort in it when i tested it, if it worked i think you all would know about it because i would have posted the finding.

you ask, i replied.


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