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Hermans Anderson s system was using latices confinement fusion




Hermans electrodes where nickelplated.
He stated that the hydrogen ions were already deuterium before they swim to the other electrode..
So, H1 is going from positive to negative

He also sparked the positive electrode with high voltage. The x rays did their work in the fusion.
So a low voltage pulse for creating h1 and a high and a magnetic field and a voltage pulse for the fusion.

Thanks for sharing...
In the the beginning of Herman being brought into the forums James had made a topic "corona disharge " as being Hermans secret,at least part of it.
No disrespect to James but its obvious the interview video was edited..alot...just from watching it that much is clear.
Remember when Herman was asked about "those wires inside there"  and " is there anything hidden inside there "
Its been a few years since ive watched that but i still remember a big question ive had is what did Herman mean by the answer " magnetically "

well, my current view on that part is:
Herman clearly said that the spark system was not in the cell.
So, the corona wires cannot have been in the water at all. Just the two electrodes. I tried.
I almost blew myself to heaven.
The corona wire, the spark system and the magnetisme are related, as well as the current flow thru the watercell.
Both parts create a magnetic field.
If you put current on an cable, you create a magnetic field.
So, i think that the basic part of 7 hz pulsing thru the cell was creating a magnetic field in the electrodes.
The other part with the corona wire and spark is also creating a magnetic field, as soon as the spark occurs.
I high current will flow thru the wires, shortly.
If you wrap that corona wire around the drum, that magnetic field will influence the water/gas.
Just have to figure out the polarity, but that is easy tested.....

I hope to have add something to the thought process, Kevin  :)
Hope you find some time to re start the whole thing.
Do you think Herman was also injecting waterdrops in the cylinders?



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