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Ruhmkorff coil


induction coil invented 1836 by nicholas callan , same time as charles page (who made a 10 ton electric bus in 1850)

theres a progresion of inventors of the induction coil , heinrich ruhmkorff in 1851 , leading up to teslas work with HV induction coils and 1/4 wave lengths .

heres a good modern circuit

So, what is the advantage with this coil?


1836 to 2016 is 170 years we use this coil every day .  It uses a DC make and break to turn DC into HV with out using motion , its the Flux that is in motion.
make and break interupters have gone from rotary rheotomes , shown in Tesla canadian patent , magnetic reed switch , cam driven points and now solid state ignition systems

heres a rheotome

I think the most amazing thing to me about inductors are how they work with an air core.


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