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IonizationX reference circuit for waterfuelcells

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Ok, to make it a little bit more clear here. This is NOT a Stan Meyer 5mA circuit.
This is a working, proven, electrolysis circuit, which provides a better result then a normal DC circuit.
So, this circuit uses AMPS and VOLTS.

In my case, i have a 60 plate drycell. That cell runs on about150VDC, give and take.
That means that the coils of that circuit are seeing a 150V pulsed voltage with an 8 Amp current.
During the duty time, the coils are getting fully charged. A magnetic field is createwd.
When the mark / off time of the cycle comes in, the magnetic field collapses and the BEMF puls of the coils will hit the wfc BIG TIME.

@Haithair: The BEMF pulse is in joules pretty big. The BEMF puls will be short. Meaning HV and high amps in a very short time periode. mS or uS. Because that puls is short, the Mark / off time is kept to a minimum.
Thats the reason why the diodes are so large. Smaller ones, like the 1n4007 are blown up by the spike.

So in scheme of all this, you must try to use a core as big as possible. And wire that is not too small.
All our efforts with small cores and thiny wire didnt give much results. Thats why Stan used 36Volts.
Thats why Boyce is using like 200Volts.
And thats why I use150Volts.


alright then i misunderstood the purpose of this circuit. it has lost interest to me because i'm not interested in current-electrolysis.


I have a new diode which will do also a very good job here.
Its the rhrg75120

The RHRG75120 is a hyperfast diode with soft recovery
characteristics (trr < 85ns). It has half the recovery time of
ultrafast diodes and is silicon nitride passivated
ion-implanted epitaxial planar construction.


hello Steve
it is been a while i know  :-[
how much improvement did you get on this technique bemf .
Thank you


--- Quote from: najman on August 30, 2009, 01:15:11 am ---hello Steve
it is been a while i know  :-[
how much improvement did you get on this technique bemf .
Thank you

--- End quote ---

That depends on total setup. Its hard to say.
This schematic was given to RAVI by Aussepom and you all know what Ravi is claiming.
If you are gonna build this, then try to use plates in serie. Or 1 circuit per tube.
Its, because of the impedance. When its too low, you will never see nice spikes on yr scope.
More tubes in parallel, are giving less then 1 ohm! NOT good.
I also suggest that you play with the mark/space. 50% is way too less power in the system.
Well, take some parts you already have and use a big core. I use a MOT primairy coil. Other coils are cut off. Bifilar is better, but 2 single coils work as well.

The result is so depening on the water type too.



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