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I am interested in resonance/frequency in cell and in the electronics..
The reason i am interested in resonance, is that Stan had slots in the outer tubes, and the inner tubes was connected
to a spesial made holder at the bottom of the cell that made it possible for the resonance to take place...

Not  spaced with cable ties or bussings like i see everywhere!
Here is a video with resonance explained the easy way so you get the clue: feature=channel_page

Here is a guy showing how to find resonance in hydrogen cells : feature=channel_page

Here is radio man from Netherland with great knowledge who show in this video how to find resonance in coils ( all his video is recomended ) :

I would also like working with  quarts krystalls and think they can be important in a circuit as a resistor and frequency filter.

I have attached a Stanley Meyer patent from 1982 and published in 1984 ( PDF file attached at bottom)
It is all about a cell made for perfect resonance with low voltage used and claims more energy out than putted in when made correct.
Okay, 48 volt pulsed i guess is low voltage, and the amps can`t be much since the gap between the inner and outer sphere is big.

I am planning to make this sphere during coming year, but have to much to do at the moment and have got other ideas to try out first.

But i found something similar feature=channel_page
Exept this it a water heater with opposite polarity than in Stans patent. but he says at the end of this video it can be used to make hydrogen... ;D

Best regards

Well, thank you for your input.
I seen that cavity on pictures as well, with Stan behind it.
So he indead tried that shape too.
There is a lot of talk about that man with the 2 watt heating system on the net.
He is a criminal and was send to prison for lots of reasons.
On is a big discussion on that , but noby ever replicated it as well.


Criminal he may be...ha ha
He looked like a amish people dude on a video with an electro motor running a alternator that gave overtunity to power  some light bulbs too...

I dont believe that, but since Stan was so interested in this design that he took patent on it  there might be someting to it.
I will try to not become criminal during my tests.

Best regards


Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret


I did a test yesterday and have been thinking about this strange idea a long time.

I really had no time but i just had to check something out i a hurry..

Made a SS plate cell : 80x80x1 mm with 1,2 mm gap between plates.( all separated and isolated with nylon spacers)
Used my 220 Volt 300w pure sine wave inverter, a 1,5 meter lamp whire with a switch and  a diode brigde to cell.

Connected the plates like this : 120VAC / 120VDC (NEGATIVE) / 120VAC / 120VDC (POSITIVE)

The idea was to let the AC current pulse the DC current.. so i get high voltage and low amp

Went outside in cold ice wind to my car in the dark with only a big flashlight.
Cut an 5 liter clear plastic drinking water container in half, put the cell in the container, filled it with ordinary tap water with no additives.
Connected it all to my car, turned the switches on and......

The water (2,5 liter) was smoking white at once and there came lot big bubbles too so i liked it a lot.

But every 4 sec. my inverter starts to beep and light red so i had to turn it off and on in a pulse on 3 sec. so it didnt shut down.
Anyway it was fun..

Possible improvements can be done :
Lower volt or bigger spacing between the plates
Maybe isolate some of the plates on the AC side and put a small load on it before the cell
Add four inductors and test with a blocking diode.
Try this with a quad tube cell

Is this Meyers secret?  ;D
If someone believe this is a good idea or usefull somehow please come with your opinion, ideas, improvements about this strange setup..

Best regards




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