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DO NOT USE SQUARE WAVES as a source...

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PLEASE TRY THIS... STOP putting square waves into the step up transformer! Notice that the dune buggy had a 12 vdc motor turning an alternator off a regular 12 v car battery. The energy used to start producing hydroxy would be replaced by the regular alternator and stock charging system once the buggy was fired up. This is how you get the hydroxy production to be able to start the engine without any gasoline. NOW: realize that the modified alternator had no voltage regulator, the PWM square waves were used to CONTROL the output of the 3 phase AC stator windings, effectively controlling output of vic circuit.  THE SQUARE WAVE PWM IS A CONTROL MEANS, AND WHEN YOU REALIZE THAT THE RESONANT FREQUENCY IS A MOVING TARGET, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE NEED TOR THE PLL AND FEEDBACK PICKUP COIL TO LOCK INTO THE CHANGING PEAK RESONANT POINT...SO putting a 3 phase rectified waveform into the step up transformer, the bifilar chokes and the blocking diode will work BECAUSE the transformer must have a changing flux line to function correctly, only 1/2 wave 3 phase power will cause the step charging effect because this wave more closely resembles the curved pulses shown in all of his documentation.
the step waveforms are NOT SQUARE in his drawings, notice how all the tops are CURVED! a squarewave DC signal WILL NOT work from primary to secondary in any transformer, all you get is vibrations in the core and HEAT, but no transfer of voltage from one coil to the other.
I am using an alternator with the voltage regulator bypassed (12 volts square wave to the brushes) and i have removed the diodes completely, leaving this delco unit with 3 stator wires for my A-B-C phases output with the alternator case as neutral. Then i have wound a 2 1/2 " torroidal core transformer with 16GA magnet wire, 3 primary coils equally spaced around the diameter (like a peace sign) 10 turns each. cover the whole thing with teflon pipe sealant tape (good for high voltage insulation) and then wrap the single, 100 turn secondary around the whole thing. I end up with a 1 to 10 step up ratio. NOW: with the alternator running at 3000 - 4000 rpm, there should be 125 volts AC 3 Phase output, transformed to 1250 VAC single phase with a ripple waveform, Put this through the bifilar chokes with the diode on one leg.... I hope this is REALLY what HE was doing. Please note: the STan MEyer VIC drawing is a CONCEPTUAL DRAWING, not a schematic. the circuit describes what is happening, but don't assume he was putting a square wave in as a primary source !!! he was misleading on purpose to protect his patent!

BS...  dont be noob...

Its square waves eveywhere in the tech brief...

OK Smart GUY what does this proof mean to you?
Take a look at the documents attached here from the U.K. released "international independent evaluation report.pdf" notice that there is some confusion BUILT IN, but on VIC3 he wrote " pulsating (switch off / on ) rotating magnetic field. also notice that on VIC2 the transformer T1 is using AC  voltage. then put these two circuits together in your mind and apply them to the conceptual drawing that shows 2 seperate choke coils and a transformer and a diode, and VIOLA! you now see what everyone is missing !
SO , my friend, seems YOU are among the misinformed (i say that for you to realize that stan did this to confuse patent theives! )
Im telling you, ive tried square waves across a transformer. On 12v, Off 12v, On 12v, Off 12v... that doesnt create increasing and decreasing magnetic lines of flux like a sine wave, transformers NEED sine waves to function. Its the changing flux lines that induce voltage and current in the secondary coil through the core! any electrician can tell you that.  I went through a 5 year apprenticeship in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and am a JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN...transformers dont work with DC. the only reason a square wave works with the field rotor in an alternator is because the magnets are MOVING, creating flux line movement. and pleeeese show some respect for someone who has been doing research for 2 years, AND DONT REFER TO ME AS A NOOB !

Lol can you host an image without having us to downlad it ? smart guy...

I dont feel like arguing with a noob ... I can shoiw you all the pulse shapes thatt Meyers used and its all dc square waves... Plz dont make a fool out of yourself...

i have modified my original post please review
i build transformers for a living and am an IBEW  union member, 9 year journeyman wireman. I have more electrical theory in my little finger than many people on this forum combined!
search for the 88.1 MB file referenced if you dont trust my attachments, but you will have to wait a while to download because their host seems to have a 46k bandwith limit.
happy hunting, dont take my word for it, go to school and take some transformer classes ...
how did andrew dice clay put it ??? SNAPPERHEAD


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