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pulse generator PLL circuit?

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Visual Echo:
Is anybody here working on a PLL circuit?


 I am in process of replication on the Cramton / Dave Lawton PLL circuit (who actually started this thing, Cramton or Lawton?)
Will post results as soon as completed.

yea I have built and tested the complete circuit. Heres an image of my circuit

Are you prepared to share the PCB of the entire vic card replication? I know you put a lot of work in that but we would all greatly benefit from you replication! By the way, saw your latest video on youtube and i was wondering if you are hitting resonance when you have gas production at 500 mA on the 8XA? I also replicated it but i can not get the amps down. Also the coils should be 750 uH but mine are 19mH, ... probably different core material but i thought more inductance would decrease my amps but at 50V it consumes about 6A! Have you any changes as to the original meyer schematic? Also, ... any measurements on gas production amounts?


still testing the PLL circuit and fixing a couple of bugs in the circuit. Yea I'm using the 8XA circuit in the video...the only difference between my setup and Stan's is like u said he used 760uH chokes with a ferrite core and I'm using 1.7mH chokes with a steel core. I'm not get resonance with this max current is 500mA-550mA @ 100VDC. I can have gotten the current down to around 200mA when pulsing at frequencies below 60Hz.


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