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The first parts have arrived!
Pcb will come in next week...

It is a very simple circuit,  it could be done in a breadboard, but of course  it will be easier and look bettee on PCB

I agree.
I also will get two flamethower ignitioncoils...

The feedback circuit transforms any incoming signal to a perfect square wave, if we apply a pulsed signal to a resistor (the cell)  throught an inductor, the signal across th plates will look as a triangle wave (if the inductor do not saturate), and at the output of the opamp it will be a perfect square wave.
This is a very useful circuit, I am building a speeduino board, and guess what I'm using for VR conditioner (crankshaft sensor) ? Meyer feedback circuit. It gives me a very nice 5v square wave.


I think i have the most of the compenents now and also the pcb ;-)

In two weeks, it should be ready solderd


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