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Sequential high voltage distriuter

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Hope the picture can be self explanatory. 

I was thinking about some experiments I did and why didn't worked..  I was trying this stand cell with 11 cells in many ways.. and somehow I got stuck before having multi phase tests...

I was considering this drawing and perhaps with a small motor spinning a piece of hard steel wire with steel nails on an isolating shaft and holder would be possible to make a multi phase output for DC...

My idea with this is that if somehow we can apply high dc voltage sequentially to the tubes in this configuration.. perhaps we can verify a current flow in this diode circle.. every touch and go would provide a pulse on the each nail...

It could be done with a transformer phase for each electrode...

In case if we had 11 cells.. with a distributer having 11 nails at 60 rotations per cycle would give up to 660hz

I guess a coil around the cell would be able to pick this signal 

My idea is that if this works perhaps we could create current from potential at a phase angle where it will not create reaction... is all about moving, deflecting electrons with high electric field.

Stan points the voltage potential equation for a dielectric medium.. this mean many things and one is that when you set up a charge rod inside water it will create a voltage gradient this mean that a second electrode at a distance x will have a voltage differential from the first electrode.. however you can't touch the electrodes to each other or they will have the same potential...

Superconductors works by copper's pair basically electrons travel in different manner without hitting the atoms..  correct me if I'm wrong please

A whismhurst machine works by using a disc to charge some plates at a point and discharge them at a second point where they are far from each other... work is done in separating the electrodes as we are doing capacitance change...

In the case of the drawing the charge is kept since only potential is used so the current that would flow should not consume power at all

Hope you get the time to think about it

The high voltage distributor I'm referring too came as an idea to apply sequential voltage field to the electrodes with decent isolation.. I took this idea from like 23years ago I saw a man in the beach that made a device for building a sequential lights like airport landing lights as he was doing nigh flights with his aero modelism plane.. 

He used a dc motor from a car glass cleaner..  nails for each light and a piece of iron that rotates touching each nail independently..

Maybe this is why stan used the alternator

I would test it today using a diode for each coil and apply to the inner cells of a 3 cell design and outer connected as in the diagram

Than I guess the idea is to have a 7th electrode on the water connected to a resistance as to bring enough current as to I have enough charge on the electrodes to initiate the processes of deflection.

I had all this ideas this morning it came all at once in my head like a kind of message.. hope came for good.

When i get all the things stan said together with this makes me lot o sense.

He says it can go up to megahertz but would but 5khz is enough.

He said he use voltage potential to move and deflect electrons without consuming power..

He used diodes to control the current flow

Well in my mere opinion this is where the 40kv 1ma can be used for ..

There may be still something to make it work..

But at least now for me is clear what we can do with voltage..   like a magnet can create a voltage perpendicular to is movement a voltage must create a current if its moved in another referential.

If I were a better physicist I would have figured this out before and perhaps explain better but I guess you got the idea.

Waiting for your replies please I'm very curious if any of you did this before and if so why didn't work.

Ill gues you need only 1 diode to route the potential...
I trully dont see any special effects in yr setup

But that doesnt say anything.
Any change that you build this system?


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