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Frequency generator with 3 squarewaves / 3 primairy coils / 1 secondairy coil

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didnt stan say he could turn 5 gallons of water into fuel gas in one hour with 650 volts?

im not sure about 650 volts.....but i do know that you can do it when you increase the number of "hits" on the water molecule.....or in simple terms increasing the frequency to the next resonant point.......he clealry says that in a european patent.....this is when he mentions 5 gallon in 1 hour.

good observation.. kinesisfilms.
i think i read that a emf transformer produces higher current with higher frequency input.  but  with this transformer since its made to have one way current flow and is isolated, the higher the freq the stronger the displacement of charges?


googling microprocessor based sine wave generator brings very interesting places to look at




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