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Horvath seem to have inspired meyer in many ways...

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--- Quote from: KS on February 18, 2016, 20:51:26 pm ---Have you seen his waveforms yet?

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No. Not seen any waveforms.....

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I have this circuit on paper with D11 citcled for some reason...it seems like such a huge circuit mayb to much for me
Is it worth noting it states Horvath Systems produced 1.45 lpm?

if anyones gonna go through the patent , list or diagram (3 different things)
time constant = R1 x C2 ,    2.7k ohm x .1uf  , freq is calculated from that

Ive made push pull transformers before and nothing like that diagram.
R9 is 5watt and R10 is 1 watt , these are for the transistor bases !

Z coil is centre tapped and secondary coil is centre tapped , thing is line 29 and 33 are negative earth , D1 and D2 are reverse , they can only conduct is the centre tap line 31 is negative in comparison to line 33 ... but SCR is connected to line 29 , which is negative also .
SCR anode is connected to the centre tap ?  theres no connection to the positive rail for the SCR

the winding ratio isnt 18:1 , the Tr2 doesnt have a rectifier , cathode 13 is definitely negative earth but that doesnt count as a rectifier

has anyone else looked over the circuit diagram ?


I remember a question about him never answered as well....he says his radiation part later on was at the bottom.... akin to a Bingo Fuel fuel reactor but space much farther apart and only one electrode radisted at a time...is this what his radiating elements were but instead of 36 volts..30,000 volts....some how current i inhibiting?

The cannadian patent really seem more complete and he talks about his principle of operation...

he indeed say he uses radiolysis in combination with electrolysis telling that radiolysis change the faraday relation between product and charge run thu circuit...

in my opinion the energy radiolysis provide is traped into the resonant cavity until it dissipate so it affect many molecules time after time..

Torana wrote on overunity.com

The good thing about this patent is that it has a circuit diagram and a parts list.
Anyone who can follow a diagram should be able to see that the circuit is NON FUNCTIONAL.
from left to right = a UJT oscillator/saw tooth , SCR , fullwave centre tap transformer and on the right a push pull resonant primary.

Are the diodes right way around?
Are the 3055 bases connected to the trigger coils?
Is the trans pos or neg centre tap?


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