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I just had another idea.... Maybe the best i ever had

what if i take a plastic tube and coil it together with copper wire (primary coil) ... the terminations of the plastic tube has a stainless steel tube electrical connection in contact with water. this is for creation of the contact points to extract the electric current from water...

Since theres no polarization there no loss in the electrolysis, its just limited by the diffusion ad availability of ions to transport.

I proposing the opposite of an over voltage... the creation of an internal voltage at the electrolyte and that discharging this energy makes the gas come off.

Of course if you apply this energy back to the resonant system you can maintain high energy recirculating and regenerating...

I guess this is the idea behind the EEC operation. 

The idea is that it becomes a restricted current voltage source.

The idea is that the water receive the most of the magnetic induction and not the usual coils of copper that receives the induction and apply only the electric field in the water. This time there is electromagnetic field in the water...

the movement of the ions is going to depend on the electromagnetic field and the density of the liquid too not only its mass..

Actually as the ions has different mass and sizes it should also create a pressure in one direction ( a pumping effect)

Many new discoveries !!!

 I bought about 10 meters of plastic tube and coiled it around 25 turns the coil has around 20cm of diameter x 7cm, it now has 3 CC cores on it and it fill all the window...  each core having 10 turns of copper that works as primary... each primary has its own transistor and snubber circuit but they all activate and cut all at the same time..

I found analyzing it that it becomes a kind of particle accelerator... And by accident i found a final solution to get very high intensity pulses of high voltage...

the solution is to use many cores such that each has a primary like described above and their secondaries are connected in series... this way the primary kick back is going to remain controlled while the secondary voltages are summed. so its better to use separate cores if we meant to get into very high voltage...

I was thinking about if we could get a solutions with ions that has its own magnetic field than as they are accelerated they could cause induction in perpendicular direction...

This could be the principle behind the EPG too...


the secondary is the water?


--- Quote from: geon on March 14, 2014, 07:33:46 am ---the secondary is the water?

--- End quote ---

Yes.. the idea is to create the voltage inside water not inside copper....

Another stuff that i'm looking into is terbium and dysprosium by their extremely high magnetic proprieties

Other solution for the EPG that i though is ferric chloride ( that acid used for fabricating printed circuit boards)

Did anyone tried getting this chemicals into the EPG?


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