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Guys i think that i have just fully understood what meyer did, and i recommend you to start experimenting right now.

The vic in the patent will have tx5 coil in resonance in relative to the inner SS tube and the outside of the container capacitance. This makes that when the positive charge applied to the water capacitor outer SS tube thru the 56 positive choke, negative charges cannot go thru the inductor cause of the positive impedance reactance thus it goes to the capacitance on the outside of the container, in the sequence when the pulse is off the charge flows from outside of the container into the water thru the inductor, so you can effectively re tar-d-  the current in relation to the voltage by 180°. This is the resonance, the coils must only be made to resonate with the container basically. This will cause the frequency doubling and the step charging effect because of the way the coils are arranged. When the capacitance is discharging thru the coil the other pulse is generated, but at the same time the negative side now really become negative. Than the process reverse and the resonance keep going. Simple as that

I think that he used unipolar pulses to force the effect even further. But could work with 50% pulses gated.

A sheet of copper can be added in the outside of the container to create the capacitance in relation to the inner tube.

The resonance will restrict the amps by retarding the current, and by the effect i mentioned about the "pseudo positive" witch will attract electrons to the negative electrode preventing them to flow.

Between the tubes there will be a static DC and an AC field.

Tomorrow i want to hear your experiment results.

Anyone understood what i've just said?

Please reply... Tell me what do you think.   


Really sad to see that anyone understood what i mean. 22 views and no reply. Sorry.

Today i'm very happy the university seem to be what expected, the best. I will have free access to oscilloscopes and any kind of meters in the labs during the day. Seems that i only need to make an informal request to a professor.

I happy.

Than this theory come up.

On my calculations to make the cell here resonate at 5khz my tuned choke will have 3H and the primary 2mh the secondary and the other choke i estimated something like 450mh each having the diode in the middle.

with around 5 watts and recirculating 200ma the circuit should develop 20kv at resonance. On the other side a voltage of max piv 600 volts should exist between the water plates of course having the amps restricted.

For me now is very obvious the mechanisms meyer used to restrict the amps, from the water, the coils, the resistor...

The coils is the most phenomenal in my opinion, cause when you induce a counter voltage to the flow of the current in the coil you will have currents flowing in both directions in the wire so one restrict the other. Obviously a min flow must exist but the circuit can than be tuned to restrict the amps to a min. Tuned i mean to choose the right chokes, core, wire, frequency, cavity, water, pulsing circuit...

Now for me is all about have the time and energy to build all this and to check. Hopefully, in the next week i will have all the days free and will only study at night. In this week anyway i will not have much time, there are activities all day long in the university.

all for now. Stay tuned!

Just to try making things clearer, The coils tx2 and tx4 are fields aiding thus having a diode there between them, you form a current source (charge pump). On the other side you have the other coil tx5 wound in opposite direction witch implies that whenever from the tx2 tx4 combination exits a positive pulse, from tx5 also a "pseudo" positive pulse is applied, (relative to ground) therefore the coil have in it current that wants to flow in one direction because is serially connected to the cell (short circuit) but at the same time as the voltage in the coil is reverse in polarity it restrict the amps. It will restrict the amps cause the coil will have a positive and a negative side (induced) and therefore the electrons don't want to leave the positive side to go flow thru the water, nor they want to go to the ground witch is already negative. 

As tx5 is connected to ground witch i'm assuming to be the ground level outside the container and considering meyer concern about insulation, i see that it has a capacitance in parallel with it witch is formed by the container (water bath housing) as main dielectric much like a Leyden jar. Therefore should form a resonant tank circuit. This creates at the same time the ability to double the frequency, and to retard the current going thru the water. When the resonance flips and the pseudo positive reverse and become negative while the other side still positive cause of the blocking diode is when i think that the gases are liberated.

Wants  to understand amp restriction? Than just think: What if the pseudo positive is more positive relative to ground than the positive from the diode?

this one i will not answer!
Just a hint:

Blocking diode!


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