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Theory 2 - Frequency


In a previous post I had 2 theories, the second of which was about frequency. Now reading more than just the Meyers and Puriach patents i have started on a fully adjustable squarewave genterator. High time and low time adjust able from 1-99% with frequency starting at about 58KHz all the way to 660KHz with available additions to extend the lower end down to about 2hz if need be. This is simply phase one to see if i can use frequency to influence the reaction.
With looking towards finding waters "brown note" I am sure this could be built on with more complex frequency loading to improve the overall efficientcy, but one step at a time.

Update with this method,
I have a test cell with 2 small plates connected to my PWFM. Plates have a variable gap from touching to about 2 cm apart.
Observations thus far,
58Khz-68Khz - there is production differences but nothing that would indicate OU. Infact production is less then straigh brute force.
Note to other builders: i have found that gating the cathode has better output then gating the annode. I am yet to stick a resistor in series with the cell though. This i will try in the next section. At this point i am going to try from 68Khz-74Khz, the results i will post. Note that from now on all testing is done by gating on the negative voltage side.

one more thing, i used ordinary tap water in one run of tests. i noticed that there was almost no activity on the Oxygen side. BUT there was white clusters swirling around in the water, now i have the feeling these are calcium oxide. But i am sure someone else can tell me where my Oxygen is


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