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First, you don't need a magnetron from a microwave oven, it is much to big, stay away from those! i am not liable for your stupidity, its not needed.

however, a small small magnetron needs to be made, in the old days magnetrons was made from vacuum tubes, we will learn and make a smaller one.

a copy and past.

The heart of a microwave oven is the magnetron. A magnetron converts electrical energy to microwave radiation. To do this, it uses low-voltage alternating current and high-voltage direct current. A transformer changes the incoming voltage to the required levels and a capacitor, in combination with a diode, filters out the high voltage and converts it to direct current.

Inside the manetron, electrons are emitted from a central terminal called a cathode. A positively charged anode surrounding the cathode attracts the electrons. Instead of traveling in a straight line, permanent magnets force the electrons to take a circular path. As they pass by resonating cavities, they generate a continuous pulsating magnetic field, or electromagnetic radiation.

incase you may have missed it, stanley was using a magnetron in his vic. dont bother trying to find it, its just something i happen to know.

learn your microwaves and what they do, then combine that with a laser.

also youtube super heated water. its unstable.

and check out the problem russia was having with exploding thermal water.


What problem did the russians have?
If super heated water is unstable, are you suggesting that we should not waste any time on the magentron?


a magnetron from a oven is to dangerouse, the old magnetrons was a tube like deal, stanley spent 10 years working with tubes.

Stan hatched out a tube     


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