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Generation of electricity by usage of moving magnetic fields

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The patent stan cited is in the first post

nice find seb.. i now see what you are speaking of... so do u think that stan uses the non combustables as his neutral gas? i need to wrap my mind around this more.. thanks for sharing

I don't know if the nitrogen is involved that much, in this principle. Nitrogen is important only as flame retardant to reduce the combustion speed second my thoughts.

I believe that he had constant pressure from his cell so he just mixed the gas switching with a butterfly valve between air and exhaust to control acceleration. Air for maximum acceleration and exhaust for idling. Obviously he might have limited also the resonant action to a certain degree in somehow as to have a increase in gas production in relation to rpm. I'm still working on that to find some more answers.

I'm happy that you enjoyed!

Stevie I was reading this and found that charged particles have a magnetic field. Ions... Ionized gas...

Probably we need to ionize the gas before it pass thru the tube. Or maybe only the magnets will do the job. I'm happy to say that I don't know yet.

Lets find out!


The test i ran here, showed NOT 1 voltage rimple whatsoever.
I used a strong magnet around my HHO output and on the same hose, i had multiple coils.
I pulsed the gas, etc etc.
Again, not 1 rimple.

So, if the option is to ionize gas, because that state can be magnetized, then my test would have shown some rimples too.
The gas from a WFC has always some ionized atoms in it, as far as my theory knowledge goes.

I prever to think that Stan might have used the gas and put that thru a magnetic liquid, like Ferrofluid. If you charge the ferrofluid with a magnet and make it move by use of the gasflow, then you have a moving flux and your coils will detect current.

Just my 2 cents for the moment.
Lets all keep looking into this, because it makes a lot of sense!


Yes the ferro fluid moved by the bubbles is very much simpler i guess, and i think is easier to replicate too. I was trying to guess what meyer was doing if using only with the gas.

I though about another possibility.

Maybe we could use the photoelectric effect to gain energy and to have a better ionized gas inside the tube. By having a sodium electrode illuminated  by a lasers about 400nm. This would give us some oxygen very ionized. I think.

did you tried the plastic tube thing man?

Have you seeing a vortex electrolysis when in presence of magnetic field?

Maybe with the resonant tank we can have enough high voltage to ionize the gases, just guessing again...

I was thinking about The resonant cell meyer used, he had the tubes isolated from each other.

In your design you might have some losses, some ac passing thru the tubes. Because they are not isolated from each other. What do you think about?

Maybe you could try to have one resonance for each individual pairs of tubes, what do you think about? I was trying to think about and thought that meyer used 11 vics so maybe he had different resonance for each tube. I will Still thinking about.


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