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EEC ... Not so complicated ?

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Here is something that will time everything perfectly .

No overlap , a few nano seconds before the HV stops , the static pull begins .

Give it a try . For mosfet driver theres alot out there , very simple to operate if you consult any datasheet , all the instructions are there for even complete noobs to operate . But you must keep leads very short and wide . No more than an inch between mosfet driver and mosfet and large wire , I use very wide planes for mosfet on my pcb .

This circuit is on my pcb , you can have auto-gating with either  divide by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 on a rotary switch or divide all those by either 2 or 4 once more .

So a maximum of divide by 40 spacing . For asymetrical gate/pulse ratios you must use manual jolt gating.

Yes I am the #1 LOL .

Low-side mosfet = N Channel mosfet

High-side mosfet = P Channel mosfet

All of these logic gates are different gates , no exeption , only their numbers are the same because I copy pasted , dont let that confuse you . Wired as is


So there is a difference between the two , a difference I dont fully understand the point of but still ...

Is this the EEC ? It seems to me like Stan was sourcing the current , into an undefined load/ground/electrons from gas .Still do not understand how this makes a ground for current to flow but what do I know about ionics right ? Maybe really weak and distant electrons will flow to the positive ?? Then once they make their way from the cavity to the lightbulb ( electrons travel from from - to + , they are - ) they are trapped there , because of diode ?

Multiple LEDS are also on while the positive pull is on .

Negative electron tries to go to positive EEC circuit...

The Videos I posted is still on YOUTUBE.

The Kvolts read across the tubes apprears to be Garbled, But its there. I suggest Tinkering with an HV diode mounted in parallel with the cell, So that the correct voltage can Clearly be read across the cell.

This would mean the cell would not be subjected to a double pulse, But Hv applied across. Whoevers following this, I do not have the time to play with any of this. I cant even so much as look at an single tube cell. Take the videos, imagine a diode in parallel with the cell,, See what comes to you.

Good luck, You can manage something, Whoever you are.

Warp,if your still looking for someone else to test out your chokes,I'll try it on my setup.I'll PM you with my address.Just give me some specs on how to try it.My frequency generator can go to 30 khz,with a 50% duty cycle,with or without a fixed 50% gating.


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